04 WR450 Tank graphic picture needed

I am looking for someone with a 2004 WR450 to do me a favor. I need a picture of the stock tank graphic. I'll settle for a single picture of it on the bike with the shroud, but would really like a picture of it with and without the shroud.

I am just trying to see if the one I have is for the 04 without cutting.


this is all I have from when I picked the bike up....not ideal, but maybe it will help you out. this is a 2004. no pictures with the shrouds removed ever, as the screws are stuck and I havne't gotten around to drilling them out and fixing it all. shortly after bringing it home I pulled off the yellow tank graphics too....click the link below each picture for higher res versions :thumbsup:










That works. I just couldn't remember if the stock decal was that shape or the last two places that have sent me tank graphics for my 04 450 that don't look anything like that. I was beginning to think they must be right and I am wrong. but the 04 450 tank graphic I have is clearly not the same as the stock one.

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