Swapping triple clamps between yamaha frames

Has anyone experimented with swapping triple tree's between the steel and aluminum frame WR's? i would like to swap out my 2005 WR450 trees with anything later...from what i read the offset is all 25mm and worse case i have to swap out the main stem bolt...i measured the width, height of the fork placement against my 2007 wr250 and everything measures exact except for a head shim...

and if that experiment is not enough has anyone messed around with swapping sub frames too...i'm thinking of just ordering a used 2007 sub-frame and see what needs to be tweeked to make it work on the 2005...

if anyone is wondering why its because i feel more comfortable riding a steel framed bike versus an aluminum...nothing against the beauty or functionality of the aluminum frame its just a personal preference...

I know for the YZ's the triple clamps were widened 2mm in 06, and the fork lugs were changed to account for the difference in fork spacing. I'm not sure if the WR's were the same way or not. If it is the same as the YZ's then if you change the triple clamps but keep the same forks you will need to modify the wheel spacers to keep the forks from binding. The change is small enough to go unnoticed by the naked eye, but large enough to cause potential problems if not accounted for.

The sub frame will not fit, nor will any of the rest of the '07 or later body parts.

The triples probably will fit, since the '07 fork on the WR is the same as the '05, but it would probably require modifying the steering stops on the lower triple. What I don't see is what possible reason there would be to want to do this, rather than just leaving the stock stuff in place.

my thoughts were to swap between WR's...i dont find a lot of info on upgrading the trees for more factory plastic and handlebar options...i want the newer headlight and want the different color plastic options...as far as the rear fender i'm just going to buy a 2007 and see how it fits and make modifications as needed on the sub frame to make it fit...:thumbsup:

so the question i always get is why...well its because i want newer more stylish plastic with more color options...i dont care what year its for...i just want it to look more modern...i dont want to replace the bike because of that...

If you can get your hands on an '07 top clamp, you might be able to use just that. I'm not sure what there is about the clamps that would stop you from using the '07 headlight shell on yours, but the later model may improve your handlebar options. As far as taking one from a 250, I don't know if the WR's follow the same pattern, but the YZ250F uses a steering stem that is 12mm shorter than the YZ450 does.

The front fender would fit, or be simple to fit, and you might have some luck with the rear fender, although I kind of doubt it, as much stuff as it connects to. But the side panels won't fit because the air box and sub frame won't fit, and the shrouds won't fit because the tank won't fit the steel frame.

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