Clutch will not disengage?

Hey! i'm sorry, i know this topic have been up many times, i have searched but could not find any good answer.

my problem is: when i pull in the clutch, i nearly have to pull the lever all the way to the handlebar, before the clutch fully disengages. i dont have to much freeplay in my lever so i quess that is not the problem.

what do your guys think could be the problem? i want my clutch to fully disengage soon so i dont have to pull the lever all the way in?

The bike is a: yz450F from: 2005, with only 40 hours :thumbsup:

Sorry for my bad english :/

i'm sorry but i can't see the answer in this thread.

my clutch can't be bad already. :thumbsup:

The answer is in post number 3, where the link takes you. Your clutch may have only 40 hours on it, but it's also 5 years old, and it clearly is "bad already" in the sense that it is not working correctly. One (or more) of the items listed is the cause of the problem. One thing not listed is a lever with not enough travel to the bar.

Every healthy YZ450 I've ever seen has needed the clutch pulled to the bar in order to find neutral, and most require the clutch to be pulled all the way in so that they will sit still at an idle without pulling the bike forward. It should only be necessary to pull the clutch lever half way or so while riding to make gear changes and such.

And...Må ikke bekymre dig om dit engelsk. Min dansk er meget værre.

hehe, funny :lol:

- thanks for your help. i will go check the clutch :thumbsup:

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