2010 YZ 450 Starting

Just got a new 2010, temperature in my garage is 60 deg. Starts for a few seconds dies, pulled the plug very wet. Changed the plug still won't start. Added two ounces of fuel stabilizer to the fuel when I got home. Would this effect the injection enough to through it off? This is my fifth YZ four stroke. I know when new they can be a little hard to start. Any ideas?

2oz. vs. how much gas? If a 12oz. bottle is good for say 20-30 gallons of gas, what is your ratio?

Drain it,, fresh gas,, try it again.

I've run the bike at -16 celcius, I've found though any colder and it just won't start if the block is that cold. For example if I go right now in my garage which is about -5 degree's celcius and open the door to -16 air it will start no problem. But if I let the block get that cold by leaving it on my truck for a small haul, no starty at all!

The bike should start at 60F no problem, it floods easily so make sure that you twist the throttle fully and kick through SLOWLY 10 times to clear the engine of fuel. Make sure cold start knob is pulled out and try again with 0 throttle, should fire right up.

Is your idle speed adjusted correctly? Very important for this bike to start correctly even with cold start knob pulled out.

Do you know what the correct idle speed is? I am not sure where the dealer had it set at.

Do you know what the correct idle speed is? I am not sure where the dealer had it set at.

1900 - 2100 I prefer mine at 2100 or close to it. Mine was at 1700 when I brought it home and it gave me some issues with starting and stalling. Not sure if thats your problem but a good thing to check.

If you don't have a tuner or a digital tach its hard to tell. If gong by sound it actually sounds too high at 2100.

Started up today. I think I have been kicking like an old KX 500. It likes a nice slow kick.

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