2004 WR....tail light always on???

I just swapped out my stator and rectifier with a trail tech unit, and now the tail light comes on when the ignition is on....even when the motor isnt running...

was it like that before?? For the life of me i swear i remember it only coming on when the engine was running...similar to the headlight.

Yup, it was. Any time the CDI is powered, the light is on.

Nope. You're wrong. Just got confirmation from a friend with a stock 2004 wr...his tail is only lit when engine is on.

Stock 07 WR450 - press the round ignition button and the tail light comes on. Engine doesn't have to be running.

ya, the more i am reading, the more i am finding that yamaha changed it at some point...and apparently, the trail tech kits are wired up like the newer ones.

08 wr450 light stays on when button is pushed.... motor running or not...

MY 2004 WR450F tail light only comes on when the bike is running

Older model WRs (mine's a 2003) have both front and rear lights on only when the motor is running!!!

I converted my rear light to run when the ignition switch is on a few months ago :thumbsup:

Keep in mind, when you swapped to the Trailtech stator it unified both the previous ac and dc circuits together and now you have one dc circuit. It is completely different than even the new WR setup, which runs ac to the headlight and dc (always on) to the tail light. So now it doesn't matter whether your engine is on or not. Come to think of it, your headlight should also be working with the engine off unless you added a separate switch for that.

My tail light comes on with the ignition on without motor runninng ! 2007 Ali

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