To uncork or not to uncork

I am debating uncorking and installing the "power up' kit on my 2000 XR650R. I like the way it runs now, in the EPA mode, but wonder if I am missing out by not uncorking. What are the advantages and disadvantages, if any, of uncorking and installling the "power up" kit. I do not want to harm my bike but want to get the most out of it.

Thanks in advance,

RED :)

uncork it.

the bike you are riding right now would get walked by a xr 250.

You will kill two birds with one stone. This will actually be better for your engine as it will allow it to run as it was designed to. It is too lean stock which is actually harder on the motor. Not to mention that with it opened up it Packs Plenty of Sack! :)

Holy Sh!T!!!

I can't believe you are still riding the pig all choked up....UNCORK IT NOW!!! You will be much more happy.

Seriously though. As inexpensive as the mods are...Uncork it and you will see a world of difference.

Lets see should I fight with one arm tied behind my back or use two? :D

If you like riding a heavy bike with the power of a XR250 then leave it as is. If you uncork it the bike will run cooler and the monster will be set free. :D

If it wasn't for Calif the bike would never have been pluged up the way it is. Just Do It :)

It should be required by law to uncork these things. Riding a corked pig is like trying to breathe with cotton balls stuck up your nose and your mouth taped shut.

:goofy:You gotta do it. :)

Before I bought mine I rode a friends that was corked up, we did the changes out in the desert and I then rode it, what a difference. When I sold my trusty 95 XR600 and got a new 00 650 a few weeks later I did not even ride around the neighborhood when I got it home, I uncorked it that same night.

Do it, you won't be disappointed and it will not harm the bike. Actually is supposed to make it run cooler.

I think to sum it up, by uncorking the Pig you are only returning it to the condition it was designed to be in (read: all the stuff holding your bike back is not supposed to be there :)).

Just my two cents.

Hi. YES!!! Uncork it! It is safe for the bike, Honda sells the necessary parts for the uncorking. Check out the links given in this forum to find out how to do it. It must be done correctly, and not skipping any steps.

The power increase from stock is unbelievable! I have a '00 XR650R which was stock when I bought it, and I thought it was really lame for a 650. But, after I uncorked it, it became a true Open Class Beast! Imagine a CR500 with much more controllable power, but still brutal. That's what the uncorked XR is like. Also, the bike won't overheat as easily, and it's easier to start. :)


There isnt really a downside to uncorking, except for maybe it being louder, but then again it quits sounding like a 50 with a really bad muffler. It will start better, run cooler (like smashinz said) and the power is simply incredible, just make damn sure you hold on the first time you crack the throttle like you did before, not joking you will come off the back :). I have never spent 100 bucks on something that made such a Massive difference in performance. If you dont like a touchy throttle that would be the only other downside to it, it doesnt take much wrist action to bring on some serious acceleration, like thats a bad thing. I rode mine once in semi uncorked fashion before i fixed it (no tip and a 160 main with stock epa crap). This is what happens when the damn :D epa gets hold of a big bike. just my .03, JR

Thank you all very much!!! :D

I have took your advice and uncorked my bike. What a difference! Like Moredesert said, "The monster has been set free"!!! Thank you Thumpertalk, you kick a#$!!!

Thanks again



No problem man, I'm glad we all could help you out! That's what this forum is all about!


Hello, asking a question for a friend, Is there any uncorking for the XR650L 2003 ?

thanks in advance for your response


Well if you come to california or live here

Just put a cork in it :)

yeah man, you can uncork the 650L also. But since I have a 650R, and not the L, I couldn't tell ya how it's done. I have seen some info on uncorking the L in this forum though. You might try looking around in here for it. But honestly, I don't remember anything about the exact uncorking process or how to do it. Hope you find out how!


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