New rings?

Ok I tore my 06 450 apart to do some modifications, ie WR crank to give me lighting... I wasn't going to buy new rings, but now I'm thinking that I should ask. engine ran fine everything worked great, should I just hone cylinder and put it back together? I'm probably already above my budget for the semester as I've bought a crank stator wiring CDI plastics, and a few other things. college budget's are a little tight :thumbsup: so if I could get away with it for now I'd be glad to try.

note: I'm going to be tearing engine back down within a year to change my gearing in Transmission.

thanks in advance


Ok is that a four-stroke thing?? We always used to do that with our snowmachines,hone and put back together. but I guess we didn't do that with the newer nicosealed jugs either... Thanks Gray!! I think that it'll be fine since it will get tore down this time next winter... my summers are pretty full of work so it won't get used near as much as it needs to be.

No, it's an engine thing. Not real sound practice to reuse rings, but if you do, you should definitely not hone the bore and make them break in all over again.

Ok thanks a bunch!! Maybe new piston and rings next winter :thumbsup:

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