EBC oversized rotor

I just finished my second ride with my 02 WR426 equipped with a new EBC oversized front brake rotor. I highly recommend it for those who need a little more control on steep downhill trails and twisties in general. I also own an 03 YZ250F and was impressed with the braking of that bike, one-finger anywhere and very progressive. Both bikes have the same exact front and rear rotor sizes stock - so I figured the heavier bike could use a boost - what a difference! Now the WR is one finger braking everywhere - you can hold lines easier and the bike feels lighter and more controllable on downhills. The EBC kit is a rotor and an extension bracket - you just remount your caliper on the new bracket. Both parts fit perfectly. The break-in is quick - you notice an improvement immediately and it just gets better with time. The braking is very progressive - it feels just like my 250f now braking-wise.

If you're thinking of the upgrade, I can recommend the EBC.

What was the cost of the kit and where did you purchase it?

I bought mine from Rocky Mountain ATV - rotor kit 134.99, EBC front brake pads 22.99 + shipping


kit: RS6017G

pads: MXS18518

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