Arm pump

What products are out there that help with making the clutch easier to pull in? :) I have the energy to ride longer but I usally get arm pump or cramps on the clutch arm. I ride tight woods mostly.

---Rick :D

I wish I had the money to put a Revlock in! Then there wouldnt be a cluth anymore...

but alas, $500 seems to steep right now... :)

I did the clutch lever mod to my wr426 and made a big difference! My friend put a hydrolic clutch on his 03 crf450 and mine is just as easy!! Just drill another hole directly behind the existing hole and rehm out where the cable goes!!

It's free and only takes about 10 minutes to do!! :)

get a $400 zstart auto clutch and you won't have arm pump any more :) :pm:


I must be doing it wrong. Use the clutch to start and stop and very little in between. Allways when down shifting and allmost never up shifting. MX would be different but trails?

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