what do you think of chadwick :)

Its one of the 2 best riding areas in the 4 state area IMO.

Rock ledge, and lots of it baby! :)

Darin, show him that pic of your skid plate! :D

Chadwick Rocks! Literally! :)

Hey, we are going to try and get down there in Sept. We won't have Gary with us. The guy with the honda 450 and the nice trailer. He had an accident last Sat at Flat River. Collapsed both lungs and broke ribs. He also ripped the inside lining of his aorta and had to have surgery. He is doing ok but will need lots of recovery time. :D

Oh man. :) That is horrible to hear about Gary.

Hope he makes a quick and full recovery.

Let me know what weekend your coming down a couple weeks in advance and I'll try to make it.

My web server is down right now. I'll post it when its up.

(its been up and down all day)

It has it all :)

It's great. We've been there a few times. Post when you are going, maybe we'll have a "mini" TT event. We've also been to Mocassin Gap, White Rock, etc.. I really liked Mocassin Gap.

Wheres Mocassin Gap? How many miles of trail? And finally, whats the terrain like?

Never heard of it. :)


North western Arkansas. A lot like Chadwick with fewer rock shelves. Terrain tends to be littered with roots, rocks, small shelves, etc.. It's generally a dirt base with lots of variety ranging from tight single track to fast double. Best ride. Try looking up some info on the state or fed. forestry.

I think all three of those trail systems are 30-75 miles with the typical loops all over adding more area. We rode pretty hard and agressive (it felt fast to us) and were unable to see more than half of each system in 4-6 hours of riding. Average daily miles were 25-35...I think.

We're planning to get back there some time in Sept..

Mocassin Gap is about 20 miles north of Russellville on Hwy 7. Best place to stay is at Macks Pines, right on hwy 7 and right at the trail head. They have cabins to rent or bring your camper. We have a big ride there in the fall and spring. Been going for over 10 yrs now so I know the place really well. Up until this last spring, we always camped at Long Pool but they have now shut that down for ride in/ ride out. If you like to canoe, the Big Piney is a fantastic river to float depending on the water levels of course. In the past, we have ridden and floated on the same day. Great fun. Beautiful country. Many trails are fast atv type trails with lots of rocks. Below is a link to a "horse site" that shows some pictures of the area and the cabins at Macks. Macks cabins are kind of rustic, not a Holiday Inn, but a great place to lay your head after a long ride. Great breakfast and a good burger for lunch or dinner.

Mocassin Gap area This is a shared trail area so you will definately encounter other riders and sometimes lots of horses. Always make sure you pull over and kill the engines for the horse folks. (Thats my preachin' for the day. ) We will be riding on Sept. 26, 27, 28 this year. Come on down and try it out. There's usually about 12 or 13 in our group. Lots of fun.... :)

Guys, thanks a ton. Me and my cousin are always looking for a new place to go riding. I thought we had scoured ever inch of Southern Missouri and Northern Ark.... I guess not.

I know we wont be able to make it that weekend you are gonna be there cause Im going on vacation that week, but thanks for the invite!

Thanks again.


I'm heading down there weekend of August 15th with a fairly large group of nutballs from St. Louis. I'm wondering if my son (17 on a TTR-125L and just learning to ride) will have anyplace he can ride. At St. Joe he can stay on the easier trails and sand and do okay, but anything with big rocks spooks him pretty bad. Are there easier trails at Chadwick or should he stay home?

Hmmmm :D If hes willing to try there are a lot of trails down there that are easily ridden by the novice rider.

I started out at around that age learning to ride at Chadwick on a RM250. It was work but it was a lot of fun.

You can be on a easy trail and it might lead into a much rougher one. In that case just turn around and backtrack and hit a different trail.

Chadwick is definatly not a beginners paradise but its also a place he could learn to ride real fast. :)

Thanks. I guess I'll let him have a go at it.

Hey, if nothing else, just going camping with the guys is better than sititng around at home right? At least thats how I would look at it if I didnt want to tackle the trails.

Good luck, hope he likes it. :)


Where's the 2nd best area in four states?

Your putting me on the spot here. :)

Mabye I was a bit hasty in saying that because there is soooo many good places to go around here. I guess I should have said 2 state area. :D

White Rock is my other favorite place to go (thats what I was referring to) but I see your from OK and dont get me wrong, I would go riding at Stillwater or Lake Draper anyday. Its just that they are a bit further to drive.

Speaking of Stillwater, are you going to be at the Nov WORCS race at cooperland? I am. :D

Hadn't planned on being there. I am kinda looking into some semi-local hare and hound races, but not too seriously. It feels like I'm a terribly fast rider, but I got absolutely torn up by a stinkin' cr125 on some tight stuff a few weeks ago, and my ego is still recovering. Don't know how long I'd suffer if I found out that I wasn't really fast at all.

I might like to see though. Hook me up with the details.

Oh yeah, White Rock was one of the roughest rides I can remember. Lots of first gear and clutch.



It springing up to be the premier offroad circuit. Its just like the GNCC series and getting bigger every year.

You will see all the top dogs there.. Lafferty, Ty Davis, Garrahan, Watts, Hawkins, you name it, they will more than likley be there.

Dont worry about how fast you are! I dont! :)

My plans are to ride/race on Saturday and then camp overnight and watch / take pics on Sunday when the baddest of the bad are dueling it out.

I dont know how close you are to Cooperland but anything short of 3 hrs I'd consider it right in your backyard!


Ok, we'll be there if we can. If Cooperland is near Stillwater, it should only be 2.5 hours. What days? Where's Cooperland?


Yea, cooperland is in Stillwater.

ITs around the 11th of November or something like that if I recall correctly.

You can go to and you should be able to find out anything you need to know. :)

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