Need help listing encountered problems of Dirt bikes!

I need to clarify. I'm not saying the XR650R is a problematic bike I am asking ya'll because many of you have owned other bikes and do a wide variety of your own mechanics.

I actually want to survey other motorcycles as well so we have a good comparison but I didn't think it would do me much good to ask about other bikes problems on a xr650r site. But if you have comments or problems about other bikes as well every little bit would help. I'm mainly trying to get a list that someone working in a motorcycle repair shop would run into on a regular basis.

Because the survey will ask about terrain, year, mileage, as well, the final results would be able to show what bikes are prone to what problems and at what ages and with what usages types.

I could just leave a blank and let people fill it in but people aren't as likely to take the time and do that vs if I make a list and all they have to do is take a few seconds and click all that apply! besides once I make the list I can get a program to sort and keep tally. If its just listed I have to read every one and list and sort them each.

I need help because I just don't know enough about motorcycle mechanics to come up with an extensive list, that's where I'm looking for ya'lls help. There will always be the extreme in either direction but those will get averaged out in the long run.

Sorry for the confusion.

thanks for your time though.


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Hey all. I’m going to put together a survey of common problems of the XR650R so we can ssee how common they actually are! (I’ll expand it to other bikes later if there is an interest)

Can ya’ll help add (and comment) to my list of problems you may have encountered that I may not have listed so I can be sure to cover everything? I haven't had many myself so I know my list is slim and I may have added things that aren't actually problems. Thanks in advance, JT

What I have so far:

Things prone to damage during a fall;

Clutch lever, Clutch perch, Front Brake lever, throttle tube, Handle bars, (type?), Fr fender, Rim, Radiator, foot pegs

Problems not due to a fall:

Losing bolt to kickstarter, losing bolts from Foot pegs, (rt, left), loosing subframe bolt, countershaft seal fail, failed thermostat, Lower linkage bearings, Lower linkage wear agains rt side, Carb problems (which ones?) Broken Stock Chain, broken spokes, Crank bearings, Rod Bearings, Broken/Cracked Frame, Broken stock skidplate, Failed Clutch bushing, Failed stock Regulator with stock stator, rear wheel bearings, Front wheel bearings, Swing arm bolt failing, Swing arm bearings...

Yikes! I better sell my bike fast! :)

radiator puking until uncorked and re-capped. :)

Other than a rear tire and some aftermarket goodies, there has been no need to replace parts on my 00 650. I think you will find that these bikes are reliable and from I have seen they need few major repairs.

Reliable? if street bikes were as reliable as this scoot everone would be walking. Yes I am jaded having lost a crank/con rod bearing, but aside from that I have lost two bolts and always have basic maintance to do. Street scoots are much more impressive in these regards.

Extreme & Severe Roost Rash from riding behind an uncorked Uber Pig. :)

I bought my XR new in 2001. I have not experienced any of the problems listed above. :)

My '00 650R has had the following very minor problems:

1. Kickstarter bolt came loose, loctited that before it fell off.

2. Right footpeg bolts both came loose, loctited those too.

3. Noticed wear to the right side of the lower shock link where it rubs another piece. I just keep it lubed well to slow down the process.

4. Mud flap gets worn down by the tire rubbing it

5. Handlebars are low quality and the bend is too far back.

6. My thermostat stuck open, replacement part is not improved, it stuck open also. So I leave it stuck open.

Since it's got about 4000 miles on it now, I can say without a doubt, it's the most reliable dirt bike I've ever had. Other dirt bikes I've owned, after 4000 miles, suffered from cracked pipes, cracked frames, worn out shocks, worn out bearings all over the place, and engines which were smoking already. Very poor quality chains and sprockets were the norm back then also. Brake pistons would seize up (DR350), exhaust pipes would crack and fall apart, countershaft oil seals would leak like crazy (old RM's)

After racing the Baja 1000, 500, 300 and the Best in the Desert Series, plus numerous pre-running, and general desert bashing my BRP for 15 months now:

-chain guide fell apart

-rim cracked at seam

-countersprocket seal leaked (twice!)

-wheel bearing seized

-steering stem bearing (lower) failed

-rear fender bolt backed out

-kickstarter bolt backed out

-carb had to be re-jetted

-chain replaced (twice)

-20 sets of tires used up

-valves need adjusting every 500 miles

-oil changed every 300 miles

-filter changed every 300 miles

-skid plate replaced

-clutch replaced

-brakes replaced (three times)

-numerous upgrades to the bike for racing.

All in all its the most reliable dirt bike i've had since I sold my Hodaka Ace 100 in 1975...!

--------------------Old Unclear Post Below! ----------------

Hey all. I’m going to put together a survey of common problems of the XR650R so we can ssee how common they actually are! (I’ll expand it to other bikes later if there is an interest)

What is the purpose of your survey?

I want to do multiple bikes as well but its two fold!

a) For me: I hear about a lot of different problems that people discuss and talk about some more than often than others. I myself with a 2000 XR650R have had no problems and I was wondering if I was just lucky or the problems we seem to encounter on this site are rare. So to see how common many of the problems actually are.

:) Maybe it would help prespective buyers: I have seen people ask about reliability and quality of a various bikes compared to others. In the replies I always hear people saying that some bike is trouble another is better...etc. If I could get enough people to honestly tell what they have had problems with then at the end we would have numbers and statistics that tell what bikes are prone to what problems and what terrain or style ridding causes particular problems with different bikes. In addition we would also have an idea about what problems come at particular age/mileage of different bikes. That way a prespective buyer would know what to expect and how long they can expect to use a particular bike they are looking at and particular problems they can keep an eye out for (for prevenitive maintance reasons)

Like I said earlier, all this depends on me getting a TON of input and honesty. I hope this clears it up.


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