Cleaning Tips ??

Hello there fellow tire twisters...

I am new to this level of machine owning. Most (all) of my past bikes have been "take it to the coin opp pressure washer and blast away" type bikes. Not this 01 246!

I have heard that warm soapy water and a soft brush is best. Is this true>?

Also, what type of soap do you recommend? I have heard using low water pressure is best and then run the bike for a few minutes to dry off the motor.

I would like this bike to stay nice for a while. I know this may seem like a lame question but some of you out there seem to be much more experienced with high quality machines than I.

Thanks as always for your knowledge share.

Happy Trails........

The best thing that I have found is Simple Green. You can buy it at costco in a big ol bottle or any auto sotre. The stuff is great. rinse your bike of, spay on simpe green, let sit 5 min.,spray off, run motor 5 min. done. it makes you ride look brand new. Even the hoses! And it's all natural! highly reccomended.

I'm with you on the new machine, I want mine to look good for as long as possible. I use a car wash detergent and mix in the water with a scoop of Tide powder. Works well, I use a small brush that gets the spokes and hub. It's much easier to keep clean if you clean often or after each ride. I hate the chain grime on the sprocket and hub. I hear Simple Green works good as well. Just some things and see what works for you.

Nothing gets a bike cleaner than a pressure washer. Nothing will jack up your bearings quicker than a pressure washer. You really have to watch where you blast with a pressure washer, stay away from squirting the hi pressure water at the bearing areas (hubs, linkage, steering head) and you'll be fine. I also wouldn't blast an O-ring chain with one as the water will get past the O-rings and shorten your chain life. I have also blown off many a graphic using a pressure washer. I find that the next best way to clean a bike if you don't have a pressure washer is warm soapy water, a small scrub brush and some Simple Green. Good luck and happy cleaning.


99 YZ400

hey simple green works awesome i agree.

i usually use the garden hose and a wash mit.

with dish soap in the bucket of water and simple green for the greasy stuff.

This works pretty good but the bike always looks like it is missing somthing even after i towel dry it.

Here is my secret.........DON'T TELL ANYONE!


No Touch Tire Care or SIMILAR.


just spray down everything let sit for 5 and wipe down again with a clean towel.


although it takes about half the tim to get dirty as it just did to wash it!

everyone always asks me why i take so much time cleaning my bike to get it lookin that good.

I always say one of two things.

1. If I owned a kawasaki (etc) I wouldn't wash it at all so nobody would be able to recognize what brand it was.

2. I know but it is worth the "HOURS" (LOL)


remember DO NOT TELL ANYONE!!!!!!!





That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

HEY eBay........

where did you get a hold of that "SPECIAL"edition yamaha "246" ????

just razzin' yah!!!!!!!!!LOL



That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

Thanks for all the tips...yes my bike is a 246 special edition...

No...actually, I'm lisdexlick and don't give a damn!!

Just kidding...

Thanks again and happy trails...


I use a product called Purple Power. I dilute it down to 6:1. I actually use one of those cool 2 gallon spray bottles people use for insecticide. You can find good ones at Home Depot for about $20. You simply pump up the bottle and spray away. EASY!

I've found that Hondabright i.e. SP100 works the best but it's to damn expensive. Purple Power is a close second though.

Spray all of the big chunks off, spray the bike down with your solution. Wipe all your plastic surfaces down lightly with a sponge and hose off...


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The best cleaning tip I can give you dates back to my early days of MX'in. See, There was this Babe not too far from me and she always seemed to be hangin around. This Babe did a fine job cleaning the scoot after every ride. Heck, She even worked well on air filters. Riding gear.. no problem.. she could clean that too. That babe did such a fine job I thought it best to take her for a ride down the aisle. Now, after quite a few years, I believe she is beginning to wear out. She no longer is willing to clean the scoot, air filters are off limits and dirty riding gear is met with grumblings that somehow find it's way in one ear and out the other. Now don't start to feel sorry for me... There are two new voices in the neighborhood more than happy to assist in any way they can. The first words outta their mouth as I pull in from a good ride.. Daddy.. can I spray your bike now. :)

Isn't life grand!

Guess I'll have to get them both a bottle of Simple Green for their B-day. LOL



Simple Green is the best. Stay far away from coin-op pressure washers, unless you like crud in your bearings. Put a cap/baggie over your exhaust silencer opening so water doesn't muck up the packing material. I also spray the chain with WD-40 after I wash my bike to get all the water out of it. I then lube it the night before my ride. If you have an air compressor, use it to dry the bike (really get water out of places you didn't even know existed). Just my experience from 24 years of riding/racing. :)

Great posts.

The only thing I can think to add is a word of caution on the water that you use.

All water is not created equal and acids and minerals can take their toll.

And always make sure to completely dry the fork tubes. Water spots (mineral build-up) is not good for the health of the seals.

That's it.


One thing that I've noticed is that when I wash mine half with pressure half with regular hose is that a lot water accumulates in the frame. I have a huge (car size) rock that is perfect for pushing the bike up at about a 30 degree angle. When I do this the a lot of water drains from somewhere. It's hard to tell where though cause I always do this by myself. This might be something to keep in mind since I doubt it's good to have water resting in your frame.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

Using a powerwasher is virtually the only way to keep your bike sparkling clean, unless you intend to spend many hours with the brush in hand.

I've grown up using a powerwasher to clean up my bikes. I get all the heavy stuff off it and then scrub all the plastic with a soap/water. This leaves my bike lookin great every time.

I've never encountered any problems with the seals/bearings or anything. At the end of the year I do the annual tear down of my bike anyways.(regreasing bearings and any other work necessary)

My conclusion: go with the power washer. Just be careful around the graphics :)



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