Grey Wire Mod on 2001 WR400f

Hey guys, just done YZ timing mod and removal of blue wire mod for easy starting. My ride is a 2001 WR400f Aussie model, and was wondering if the Grey wire mod still applies to this model. I had a look at doing it and where the two-pin connector is with the black and grey wires, coming out the other end is only the black wire, so just wondering if it still applies to Aussie models, cause i can't see the grey wire going anywhere!!:thumbsup:

Some help would be greatly appreciated!!:thumbsup:

Bump ...

Not sure about the Aussie models, but take a look at this link below. It's for a WR250F, but it may be able to assist you with locating the grey wire. (with pics)

This is copied and pasted from the above link. If I understand it correctly, only the US models came equipped with the grey wire. (For the WR250F anyways)


The US WR250F comes with the gray wire from the CDI connected to ground. All the other 250Fs have this wire disconnected.

Did a search on TT for you, here's a good thread on this question. I encourage you to do a search as well, since multiple threads came up on this issue that may help. I searched using "Non US model grey wire"

Cheers for response guys. Looks as if the aussie models grey wire goes nowhere, disconnected it anyway just to see and did'nt make any difference that i could feel. Still goes hard enoiugh for me anyway!!:smirk:

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