2006 Skidoo MXZ1000 Problems?


I was thinking of buying a 2006 MXZ 1000 is there anything i should know, recalls, common problems stuff like that, is this a reliable sled?

I have no first hand experience with one to know, but I was looking at buying one earlier this winter, and in reading other forums I got scared away. It sounds like the electrical system has a lot of issues with bad grounding. There's several write-ups to be found of people detailing how to properly wire these sleds. The original fuel pump is prone to failure. Another common problem is the airbox inlet pulling in belt dust, and that rubber dust gets into the crank bearings.

I really wanted to like it, because it was super low mileage (600 miles) and was $5000 in Ft McMurray. I phoned the guy and it sounded like he had experienced all the problems I had read about on forums, so I decided to let it pass, and bought a Cat.


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