1st Track Time

Hey All,

39 years old and been riding on and off for 30 of them. I'm going to place by bike on a track for the very first time tomorrow at a local practice session :) . Any kind words of advice for a very newbie?

I haven't had much track time either. But I seem to get the same advice from all the guys i ride with. The one thing they all tell me is you just have to go faster. What ever the problem maybe or obstacle I'm trying to conquer. The answer is just go faster.

Not that I have all that much track experience, but I'd say to focus on your experience against the track, not the other competitors.

Break the track down into "sections", and continually try to ride each "section" more efficiently than the last lap.

Dial in the track, execute efficiently and consistently, and at the end, you will feel accomplishment, and you may well have beat your fellow racers because you raced mentally, as well as physically.

Point of reference My track experience: 2 races, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

Good luck and enjoy yourself out there!



I am 48, rode a ton of trails as a kid, did some flat track and TT type racing. Got back into it 3 years ago with my 11 yr old son. Would consider myself a good single tracker (for my age). Watched some Motocross at the local track, looked fun. Went out on a practice night and holly Sh-- the faces of those jumps look like walls. As a kid the jumps were low and fast, the bikes wouldn't take the stuff they do now. The air was totally new to me, way scary, to old for that stuff, have to work Monday morning. Be careful and stay within your comfort zone. Looking over the handle bars on the track is very different.

Roll the jumps at first and get a feel for both your bike and the track.

Try some smaller jumps first with a constant throttle on the jump face and then work your way up to getting more air on them. If you feel the frontend bottom out crank in a little compression on your clickers.

If you feel uncomfortable back off a bit till you feel better.

Although a WR isn't a motocross bike you'd be shocked how capable it is when you stiffen up your suspension a tad.

Have a lot of fun, don't ride over your head, and you'll do fine.

Thanks everyone for the advice. Getting ready to roll out. I cannot believe this crap, I've actually got butterflies in the stomach!


Let us know how your first outing to the track went.

Once you get the feel of MX'ing your WR you'll love it just as much as trailriding.

Well I survived and one word might describe the whole experience. WOW!

As I said before I've been riding on and off for 30 years, but my experince at the track has left me completly humbled. Never before has any riding I've done so challenged me to this extreme. My hat is off to anyone within this group who can compete on an MX track. You have to have very large testicles, be verrrrry fit, and have some tremendous skills particular to the track. :)

First off, I can ride what I consider fairly hard all day long in the heat on my favorite trails, After one practice session, about 5 laps and maybe 10 minutes on the track I was WASTED! About 90 with 80% humidity. I did not have the stamina to try a second practice. My 21 year old riding buddy who used to MX made a second round but was idling the bike around at the end of the session. He had nothing left.

I loved every second of it. It scared the crap out of me. I am not used to the "airtime" that it would take to compete. It will take many hours of track time for me to even begin to feel comfortable to "flow" through "super six" by doubling the jumps. Or launching the uphill triples and such. The things you have to do to compete. They probalby also help to conseve your strength. You fly over half the obstacles where you otherwise hit everyone of them sapping your strength. Trust me, my wheels touched just about every jump top. I plan on riding the practice sessions as often as they have them open and maybe ride a race or two especially later in the year when it is cooler. Problem is they don't have the track open very often for practice. I've found a new challenge. I know I'll never compete with the kids and probalby the guys my age who've been doing this for years but it will be fun trying.

Oh by the way I rode at Daniel Boone Motocross Park near London, KY. Here is a link to their website. Daniel Boone MX

I have no experience with tracks but everything I experienced at the event was top flight. Come down and give it try sometime. And anyone on the forum that has experience with may tracks and has ridden here make me feel better and come back by saying this is the hardest track you've ever ridden! :D

I really regret not trying this sooner. It definatly is a young mans sport but us old farts could have fun with it to. I was especially impressed by the racing of the kids and the atmosphere at the track. I laughed my tail off at the 7 year old on a 50 who was doing kicks off of every jump he hit. Good clean fun! I have a 4 year old comning up. I will certianly offer him the chance to participate in the sport if he likes and mother allows.

What a great looking track!!!

The jumps look challenging yet safe with flagman stands on every jump face.

The more you frequent the track the less intimidating it will become.

Personally, I find it a shame that all the new tracks are outdoor SX tracks.

As a youngster the mission of the racer was to ride as hard and fast as possible for 30 minutes. Speed was gained by staying low on the few jumps and being as smooth as possible helped conserve your energy.

Todays mission is to be a capable jumper and a sprint racer.

You've got 5 laps to do your business so you gotta good a good start and charge the entire race.

I guess it comes with the amount of classes there are to compete in. Our promoter has a class for anyone who is willing to pay a race entry fee. I'm sure yours does too.

I'm glad you had fun! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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