wr 250f vs 450f

Can anyone tell me what the difference is in weight between a '03 wr250f and a '07 wr450f?


Andy :thumbsup:

Don't know for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me if the 450 weighed within 10 pounds of the 250f.

Now, on the other hand, how they feel in weight is a whole 'nother story! That 250f is going to feel substantally more flickable!!! I've owned both the 250f and the 450f, and the 250f just begs to be thrown into a corner harder and harder every time, all the while, she looks back at you and say's "Is that all you got? C'mon! Let's go!!!"

Whereas, the 450 seems to just tolerate the corner, and then on the exit, she say's "Unleash me!!!"

Or at least that's how I describe it. Your results may vary! Maniac

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