Needle valve

My 98 wr 400 quit running the other day. I can get it to start and idle but only without the choke. It seems to be getting too much fuel. I am leaking a small amount of fuel from the vent tubes. Will a bad float Valve cause the bike to run very rich?


If fuel is coming out of the overflow tube the float needle is the center of the problem. Make sure the float needle is clean and the seat is clean. Make sure the needle is not badly worn. If it shows an indentation or wear at the point it contacts the seat, it may be worn out. Also make sure the needle's spring loaded pin works and isn't frozen.

Could also be the o-ring that seals the needle seat to the carb body causing the fuel weep...pretty common. Much ore so than worn needle.

thanks guys, i installed a new needle, seat, and oring. if i don't freeze my fingers off today i am going to reassmble and give her a shot.

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