Stripping down the WR for Harescrambles

I've found that sometimes tires can be a big diff, and it's unsprung weight. But obviously you don't want to sacrifice traction or reliability.

You have any "light tire" suggestions?



rekluse is the way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YZ with wr gearbox is an option/solution but would need the flywheel weight as well.Otherwise its a bit of a "handfull" in technical sections!!

You have any "light tire" suggestions?

any motocross tire, stay away from desert tires like maxxis desert it

Just to update, I stripped it all down, except for the battery. I weighed all the junk and it was about 15lbs. I attempted to weigh the bike on our bathroom scale, which ended up breaking. I raced it about 5 times this summer. It is ok, but still heavy. Solution ended up being a 06 YZ250 2 stroke for $1800 just for racing. Picked up 2 3rd place finishes in Enduros right off the bat. I kept the WR for trail riding, mountain exploring, and following my 4 yr old on the Pw50.

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