What would you do? new bike? rebuild? other?

Okay so my sweet 2001 yz 426 is dead (bottom end rod bearing). I have looked @ parts prices and it is a spendy rebuild. My father offered me his 2002 wr 426 for $2000. If I bought that I would have most of a parts bike (my yz). So my question for you guys is would you just bite the bullet and get a new bike, Get the wr , or rebuild the yz. Just looking for suggestions. Thakyou

I disassembled a lower end and took the crank to the shop. $200 got a new rod kit and the labor to install it. Figure on spending at least another $100 on bearings for the lower end. If your top end is in good shape you can just re-use it, and if you are mechanically inclined at all it's not that big of a job to split the cases and go through things.

Yep...fix it. Otherwise the YZ will stare at you everytime you touch that WR :thumbsup:

Well I talked to the machine shop, $84 to press the crank, $15 for cylinder deglaze, $256.42 plus shipping for parts(rod, bearing, crank pin, wrist pin, piston, rings, circlips). I will need gaskets of course. Is there any thing else that you think that I might have to replace while I'm in there? I know that in a perfect world, with unlimited funds, I should replace every bearing and seal but the world is an imperfect place, so what are the problem bearings, seals, ect.

Replace the cam chain while your there

Check the bearings over real good, flush them out and re-use them if you can. If you have even a little doubt replace them while its apart, or you'll be doing it all over again.

You guys are crazy. Rebuild an 01? You can get an yz06 for $2.5k, that has been sitting in someones garage unused. I'd love to get $3k for my clapped out 08. Sell the 01 for parts, scrap it.

You guys are crazy. Rebuild an 01? You can get an yz06 for $2.5k, that has been sitting in someones garage unused. I'd love to get $3k for my clapped out 08. Sell the 01 for parts, scrap it.

Defeatist attitude. Besides if he bought your clapped out '08 it would need rebuilt too. There is an old saying worth remembering, 'Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't'. :thumbsup:

Get parts off ebay. got a versah rod kit for like 80 dollars. And you can get pistons cheaper also. If your cylinder is still good it shouldnt really cost that much

Are there any specialty tools needed? I see in the manual they talk about a crank removal tool and some kind of crank insertion tool. Can the install be done with heat and cold? Can you use a regular pulley puller for removing the crank?

Defeatist? Your still crazy. I have another 08 in my garage right now that i got for 3k. All that needed to be done was replace bent shift shaft and new clutch basket. There are a ton of bargains out there all you have to do is look.

twomancrew- You paid $3k for an 08, I paid $650 for an 02 with a locked lower rod bearing and I'm only into it $300 in parts.

When I disassembled the motor in this 02 the crank popped right out. It is recommended to use a crank install tool to pull it back in on reassembly, but I was able to get it in using a home brew setup to pull it into the bearing. I'd recommend having something on hand just in case.

Sounds like you're going to fix the '02, which isn't a bad idea. But I tend to think more like twomancrew, there are deals to be found out there and yes buying a used bike is always a gamble. Something else to consider is if you'd buy something newer ('06+), you're going to get a much better handling bike.

Depending on finances, I would have trouble spending the $$ to perform a major repair on a 9 year old bike VS. buying something newer.

The pro with keeping yours, is that you know the history & what has/hasn't been done to it.

Either way, good luck !

You can get a brand new 2001 YZ426 crank for about $320 at a location I shall not mention here. You get new tolerances and it hasn't been pressed apart and beat on with a lead hammer. A rebuild with Yamaha parts will run about $220.

The lower rod bearing, and the counter balance (right side) are the only bearing that are shot. I will have to have the crank pressed to find out definitively if the crank is good. Other than that, the parts will cost $180 or so. Sounds like rebuild for me for now. Thanks.

Me and you are in the same boat buddy, but I have to replace some tranny parts while i'm there.

I find it really hard to part a bike that has nothing wrong with it, but if it's already blown... part that sucker and buy a new one. I bet you can get $1500 for parts and it's a buyers market right now, so finding a used bike should be easy.

Sounds like a good idea to rebuild after reading all this. Keep it for sure if you still love it. Should last another 9 years!

Parting out will take lots of time also. Sure you may end up with $1500 as mentioned before, but how long will it take to get that? 1 day...1 week...1 month...1 year? Who knows?

When I removed the crank it seemed to come out very easily, this makes me think that some thing is wrong because it will easily spin in the inner race of the main bearings. There is already some evidence showing this,both on the crank and main bearings, I look in my clymer manual and saw no specs, for either the od of crank or id of main bearing any input will be appreciated. thanks.

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