Fork parts question

Anyone know why OEM parts listings for fork parts have 2 numbers for each part with the same part number

like for seals and bushings??????


I know how it originally happened, but I could begin to explain why it was left that way. If an exploded view of the entire assembly was drawn and every item had it's own number, there would be, for example, a left and right lower bushing. To simplify the drawing, only one telescoping assembly was "exploded". Then, it seems, each of the two item numbers that originally pointed to the two lower bushings were transferred to the one that remained in the drawing. The odd part is that no explanation of this is offered, both lines are left in the catalog, and you are left to "figure it out". So, no, I don't know why, only what...sort of.

I can see that happening, oh well no big deal most of the parts are the same left and right anyway. It just kind of caught me off guard.

I'm getting ready to do a fork seal/oil change and was planning on doing all the bushings too but that seems a bit pricey and with less than a year on the forks I think I'll just get the OEM seals and dust seals....I think I can figure that much out of the diagram.

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