Official Florida TT Ride

I'm interested as long as its not the same weekend as a FTR race.

Please go vote on the location of the ride. Thanks :)

Okay everyone the ride is going to be at Big Scrub in the Ocala National Forest on the Weekend of November 1st&2nd. Here are directions to get there.

As far as directions to Big Scrub, it's off of SR 19, which runs north-south through the middle of the forest. Going north from Altoona, it's less than a half mile past CR445 (the road to Alexander Springs). Turn left on the paved road, I think it's 73 or 573 and it turns to dirt in about a half a mile. Go about 7 miles to the Big Scrub Campground at the intersection of 73/573 and 588.

Hope to see everyone there. :)

Way to Go Jet :D

You all will have a great Time.

If you See Florida426 and his son John

Shake thier hands for me better yet give em a hug for me :)

Thanks EGO, and I will do that for ya.

And who all is planning on being there.

Heres a map, Big Scrub is at the Bottom.

Big Scrub Map

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