2005 WR Red and Green sticker

Hello to all, I am back after a few years of raising kids and now in the market for a used WR450f. I had a 426 but sold it after my first was born. She has a TTR90 and her sister is getting a TTR50 soon. Fortunately there are several nice used WR's on my local Craigslist. I think the 2006 is the model I will probably get mostly due to familiarity with my 426. I mostly ride trails and family enduros with a real enduro coming after I get back into the swing of things. I have seen both red and green sticker 2005 Wr's at great prices. I am worried if I get a red sticker 2005 WR can I then get it green stickered? I thought all 2005 models were supposed to be green sticker???? WHat gives it is just DMV disfunction???

As far as I know the only RED sticker WR's are the 03 & 04. I would double check the bike you are thinking about if it is indeed an 05, that bike should have a green sticker.

yea, all 05's are green sticker. and the only differance between the 05 and 06 is the electronic odometer. otherwise, the two are the same. I was an original owner of an 05 and found the 06 -11 odometer on evilbay and installed it on my 05. worked like a charm. why stick with an 06 when you may find an 07 (aluminum Frame)for $500 more. keep searching, they're out there.

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