WR450 starting problem

I have a 2005 Yamaha WR450. My bike has developed the following problem lately. When starting the bike cold using the electric starter, it will not start. If I use the kick starter or roll start it, it starts up quickly. Once the bike is warmed up it starts easily using the electric starter. I figured that if there was some kind of short or voltage drop to the ignition system when using the electric starter that this would be a consistent problem even if the bike is warmed up but electric starter works fine when the bike is warmed up. The battery is new and voltage readings are good. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Your battery must be weak. When cold oil is much more viscous and it's considerably harder for starter to crank the motor. Try new battery :thumbsup:

they say it only sparks once for every 3 turns of the motor using the e start, but kicking sparks every time it hits tdc... try changing your plug.. clean air filter etc... then go deeper... make sure your battery is fresh, leave it on a tender over night and see if it acts the same...

Check your valve clearance. The center intake on the yamaha's go tight quicker then the others.

allways start the bike with the kick when cold

wannawakeboard, your kind of right, but kind of off a little too. Using the e-start, the bike won't spark until the third time the piston comes up on compression, but it will spark every time after it has reached that third cycle. I think I would do what everyone is mentioning on here, and check valve clearances to make sure they are in spec. Then, use the kickstarter while the engine is cold. I've read from someone that the e-starter bushings are fragile and don't like continuous cranking, which happens all to often, especially while cold! Maniac

allways start the bike with the kick when cold

I agree with this. If it hasn't been started in quite a while I use the kick start first. Once the bike is warmed up, I use the e button the rest of the day. I feel it's just an unecessary drain on a battery to use the e button when the bike has been sitting for awhile.

Following some advice from others who have had hard starting problems with their WR's, I did the blue wire starter mod and my bike fired up on the first try. Maybe a short in my CDI box? I don't know but it runs perfectly now. Thanks for all of the suggestions and help!


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