WR Carb. help??

Hi gentleman, just recently picked up an 09 wr 450 and im doing some mods. to it. The bike had already had the throttle screw done and grey wire mod. The bike runs good but i noticed a little bog off the bottom and its sometimes hard to start with the e start. I just ordered the GYTR ais removal kit and i was wondering if anyone had a good baseline i should start from as far as jetting goes. I ride around1,000'-2,000', 60-80 deg. singletrack,dirtroads. I'm looking for the bike to have a little more snap off the start and E-start a little easier. The bike currently has a 162 main jett and a 60 leak jett,thats all i got into so far. Any info on where to start from here? oh,and how do you get the plug out for the fuel-air screw,drywall screw?? Thanks again

congratulations on your purchase.. a lot of your Q's can be answered in the stickies above.. particularly the FAQ section.. your question has been asked and answered many times! enjoy the read


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