500cc Big Bore Stroker Kit

Ive been looking into this kit... here is what it comes with

YZ450F CYLINDER WORKS BIGBORE +3mm (98mm) CYLINDER KIT 2006-2009 21003-K01 Cylinder Works cylinder: Size: +3mm (98mm bore)

Vertex 12.5:1 Piston +3mm (98mm), complete ring set, piston pin, retaining rings, gasket kit included


YZ450F main bearing and seal kit (06-09) #K022

Cometic Complete Gasket kit for the Yamaha YZ450F 2006-2009

This complete gasket sets include all gaskets necessary to rebuild the engine and transmission

Anyone have any experience with these? I will be running stage 2 hotcams as well....

thanks for any info in advance

Just make sure you send it out to be balanced.

i put that same combo in an 06. went smooth and the thing now is scary fast, your gonna have to play with the jetting after though

Sweet! thanks for the replies. Im seriously considering buying it, I think it would go well with the stage 2 cams with out having to mess with the valve springs... Im not really wanting to go that far yet..but i will if i need to. Id like to see how this feels once i install it all. then i can go further into the head if i feel like i need more...

Im trying to get some dyno charts out of them but havent recieved any emails back so far.

dvn: Where would be a good place to have it all balanced? I was hoping the yamaha dealer near me was able to?

davecarrr: tell me more about your 06 450.. what mods did you combine it with besides tuning the carb? pipe? silencer? head work? what comp ratio was the piston you ran? this comes with a 12.5:1. let me know man thanks

dvn: Where would be a good place to have it all balanced? I was hoping the yamaha dealer near me was able to?

I've never seen a dealership with this kind of equipment - I would imagine they would simply send the work to someone else and then charge you a mark-up. Save yourself the hassle and find a decent engine builder and go straight to the source.

ok, I will have to check around... i dont know anyone around my area that can balance a dirtbike motor..

Davecarrr: did you have yours balanced and if so where did you send yours to?

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