400 to 426 cylinder question

hey guys, im currently in the process of upgrading my 400 to a 426, but am torn about what to do for the cylinder, i looked at buying a brand new OEM 426 jug, but there pretty pricey. i was curious if maybe i would be able to get my old 400 jug bored out to a 426 then replate, or maybe finding a used 426 jug on ebay then having it replated,

ive search around thumpertalk and found really no difinitive answer of how much machine shops can overbore and approx. costs for that. i also looked at going to a 444 but would rather just stick to near stock 426. i would just like some opinions on what can be done for a good price and quality... thanks

im planning to put in a wesco 95mm piston, with 426 con rod on my 400 crank, with intake hotcam....

Try calling Wiseco tech support, Eric Gorr's Forward Motion, or LA Sleeve for a definitive answer on how much you can bore the 400 cylinder and then replate. My guess is not quite enough, but I couldn't tell you for sure.

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