Yamaha WR450F mod

I have a Yamaha WR450F 07 and i just bought the GYTR powercore4 by FMF and head pipe PowerBomb by FMF too, I was looking to increase HP in the whole range of RPM but specially at low RPM since I ride most of my time on tight trails. Someone told me that i will loose torque on low RPM,

Someone knows if i did the right thing? please give me some advice?

Someone told me that i will loose torque on low RPM

They were, shall we say, mistaken.

Thank you so I will increase HP trhough all the power band right?

Not necessarily, but you won't lose low end pull, either.

If you are changing from a stock WR system, then you should get a significant improvement from the pipe. On a YZ450, the PowerBomb has the effect of making the power curve higher at the low end, slightly higher or about the same at peak, and about the same or a bit better at the top end. It should do fine on the WR, but don't be surprised if you have to work on the jetting quite a bit.

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