Ocotillo Ride Today

Left home at 5:00 am and arrived at Ocotillo by 7:00 am. It was about 88 degrees when we arrived and was pushing 100 degrees by 10:00 am. We had a few good hours to ride without seeing anyone else. I can’t wait until it cools off out there! Who needs a green sticker when it's so hot?

You're nuts! I'm pretty much done for the season unless we get a rainy day. It's just way to hot for me. Time to get a 4-stroke personal watercraft for mission bay and ride the bike all winter long... :)

I am nuts...I had relatives (dirt bikers) in town from MN who had never been riding in the desert. They really enjoyed it. We went boating at San Vicente yesterday.

Poway rider,

This time of year there is a good ride that starts at the top of the mountain above Borrego and drops you down to the desert floor of Ocotillo. Cool on top and hot on the bottom.


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