Bark buster bender backer trick

Laying my bike down a few times over the last couple of years bent my right aluminum Acerbic bark buster in a bit. It is now rubbing on the outside of my hand... just a bit. How can I bend it back (out) without taking the bark buster off the bars?


Without taking them off the bars? Hmmmm....that's a tough one. I bent my left one when it fell over on the pavement...don't ask. Bent the left Acerbis in quite a bit. I removed it, clamped it in the vise and bent it back with my hands. Pretty easy, really. Good luck.


I saw a thing on TV awhile back. This guy could stare at things and move them. Try that for a bit, if it doesn't work a vise and hammer will.

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here is a decent trick that i end up doing all too often.

un-bolt the inner allen bolt.

loosen the one at the end of the bar.

rotate the bark buster so it is sticking straight up in the air.

pull down and out untill it is bent back enough.

rotate it back down.

push in so the inner will bolt up.

it will flex the front portion rather then bending back.

then tighen everything back up and your on your way.

Been there done that.Tried every angle to straighten those bent bark busters without actually removing them completely my conclusion? Do it right the first time take them off completely and bend them in a vise its faster and not as messy as trying to pound them out with a hammer and vice grip and you wont bang up them handle bars either!!!! :)

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