List your cam specs for the 450!!

I just received my cams today from Hotcams. Please list some of your cam specs and described your bikes new attitude since your install. Thanks!

Hot Cams P/N's: 4089-2IN intake

4090-2E exhaust w/ decomp


Lift: 8.89mm

Lobe Center: 107.25

Duration @ 1mm: 260.50

Valve Lash: .15mm


Lift: 8.69mm

Lobe Center: 97.5

Duration @ 1mm: 254

Valve Lash: .20mm

Not yet installed

OEM '06 cams in an '09. A little more snap out of the hole, but not a huge difference. I haven't noticed any loss or gain in the top end as I never get to the end of that road any way. Sorry, I don't know the cam specs.

Looking for an '06 CDI to compliment the cams. The people on Ebay apparently think they're made of gold now, I guess I missed my window of opportunity for a cheap used one.

im also looking for an aftermarket cdi. just not sure which to buy yet. I have also heard alot of good things about the 06 cdi and cams. but i want to go after market HOPING for bigger gains in the long run

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