Hinson Bros. Called Me regarding my YZ426 Clutch woes!

Hey Guys!

I know you all recommend the Hinson Clutch set up for the woes plaguing the 2000 YZ426, but I needed to say something here.

The first month of my issue with Yamaha concerning my clutch is behind me and there is still no resolution. Yamaha has given me the standard warranty is over story, and the dealer doesn't know what to do, since, contrary to what Yamaha said, they haven't even heard of the issue. That's funny? They signed a certified letter concerning it. Anyway, I decided to start looking for the Hinson parts and went to Hinson Racing's web site. I left them an email explaining my problems, and waited for a reply.

I didn't just get an email reply. I got a personal phone call from both Brian and Ron Hinson! We spent over an hour on the phone discussing my issue, and what has been plaguing the 426!, and apparently the KTM 520!

Ron fears that I have at the minimum cracked a finger on the basket or even broke a piece off and its rattling around inside the clutch housing. He offered great advice on how to deal with this and what to expect with their clutch concerning performance. I also received information about Yamaha and their dealings with Hinson concerning the clutch issue when this all began. They also tried to help me locate a reputable shop in my neck of the woods that they have dealt with. Ron is very interested in the outcome of my situation. The reports he's starting to receive about the 426 and now the KTM 520 are raising an eyebrow.

I wanted to openly thank Hinson for their candor, and the kindness for which they showed. How many companies do you know would take the time to call and try to help like that? I will be putting a complete Hinson set up in my bike. I am confident this will resolve my issue, and I can get out there and do what this bike does best-THUMP!

God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks

Randy, you will be very pleased with the Hinson clutch. I put just the basket in my 00 426 and it elimimated the grabby clutch I had since new. By the way there was nothing wrong with my stock basket(no broken fingers or cracks) but I was worried reading all the posts on engine damage caused by broken fingers. mike

Randy: It's really heartening to hear that Hinson will take time to personally give a rider a phone call to resolve and issue that should have started with the Yamaha factory. Eventually, I will purchase a Hinson pressure plate to go with their basket that I have already installed. Personally, I think Yamaha should do what's right and recall ALL YZF's prior to the '01 models and retro fit them with the parts described by BK in my thread about '00 clutch oiling. If Yamaha is trying to build a loyal customer base, I see them as failing. I'll keep my '00 as long as possible while I wait for another manufacturer to make a 4-stroke that I like. KTM is becoming quite appealing so far. Kawasaki would get my business if they would build a competitive 4-stroke because they stood behind my '94 KLX when it had design flaw that caused a lack of oiling to the rod big-end bearing. They paid Stroker to replace it with a '95 crankshaft and rod at absolutely no cost to me even though it was well out of warranty. That's integrity! Larry Rosseler and Doug Johns of Stroker kept in touch with me constantly to make sure my engine held up and performed as expected. That engine is still running strong today. Yamaha has yet to send me any customer updates...recalls...advice to correct and flaws...etc. Since they have forgotten about me, I will refuse to buy any more Yamaha products.

What exactly does the clutch do when or sound like when its failing. I am a new to the 426 and in the over the hill beginner class. I have ridden my bike in the rain and mud for 3 months. I also practice the second gear starts. Got to love it!

It's not necessarily that the clutch is failing.....not all the time. There were some '00's that had defective baskets and the tangs broke off. Most pre '00 seems to have a problem with the clutch being "grabby" when it's first engaged and then it usually smooths out as you ride for a while.

If you don't take it easy when the clutch is cold and doing the "grrrrronch" thing, the grabbing action is likely the cause of the basket cracking due to overstress. When working properly, I believe that unless you literally let the clutch lever snap out of your hand when releasing it, the action of the oil between the plates damps out the force spikes that occur during the "grrrrrronch" or a bad grab. Also,the grab can be a real violent engagement, and if you're on pavement etc it compounds it. It's the brief stress spike that exceeds the metal's capability that instigates cracks and then eventually by repetition propogates them. In my experience the grab is mixed in with the grrrrronch, or immediately following it.

It's a multi-cause situation. Poor oiling causes grabbing, and grabbing makes what would otherwise probably be a strong enough basket then fail. It may also not be just the oiling. If certain parts of the basket were too thin, engagement stresses could possibly cause a partial dis-engaging action by changing the dimensions where the plates stack or by changing the friction vs force etc. There's lots of opportunity for chatter to set in, especially when you try to design something as light and flimsy as possible, right to the bleeding edge, to save another 1/2 oz of metal. We think of metal pieces as being rigid, but under load they elasticly deform, ever so slightly or perhaps more than that. So basicly they just slightly missed in the success of the clutch design.

I have found that when warmed up all my grrronching and grabbing goes away (so far, knock on wood). I also change my oil very often, so it's nearly always like new.

What the pros race on Sunday - sells to the masses on Monday.

In Yamaha's case, what the pros race on Sunday didn't quite make it to the masses. Instead they took many short cuts - mostly clutches and carbs, and we are left with no support structure, and spineless dealers who will not go to bat for us.

I have been true to Yamaha for many, MANY years, but I have to admit - I'm with Boit on this one. Just picked up my first Honda - great bike.

Good luck guys with solving your mechanical problems. Fortunately, all of the fixes are available, and once you get past the "all it takes is more $$$$$$$$" thought, it ain't so bad. The way I look at though is that the factory parts should last at least one season....


Kicks - Yamaha agreed publicly to replace any defective baskets - you have one of those and the dealer knows yamaha will replace it.


Originally posted by Boomer:

Kicks - Yamaha agreed publicly to replace any defective baskets - you have one of those and the dealer knows yamaha will replace it.



Please oh Please tell me where this public posting is! Yamaha is being less than cooperative and all the ammunition I can get will be helpful. This fight isn't just about me, its about all the YZ owners who have been abused, and mistreated all in the Name of the Unholy, and Dispicible Dollar!

Please HELP!

God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks!

Originally posted by fireman:

What exactly does the clutch do when or sound like when its failing. I am a new to the 426 and in the over the hill beginner class. I have ridden my bike in the rain and mud for 3 months. I also practice the second gear starts. Got to love it!


Thank you for replying!

My clutch sounds like a browning .50 caliber machine gun going off! Its louder than the exhaust. 1st gear is almost impossible to get into without pounding the shifter. Neutral is impossible to find. When you do, the bike still tries to lunge forward. Second is miserable too! Once in 3rd and up its okay. The clutch rattle lessens.

No matter what you do to the cable, you cannot keep an adjustment. Its impossible. I am afraid of opening the clutch housing. I have no idea what I will find.

I too love the mud! :)

Take care!

God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks

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My yz had a problem alot like what your describing I took it to my local Yamaha dealer to see what was wrong they said nothing was wrong thats how they felt. Not satisfied with that response I went to my KTM dealer he told me to buy a couple quarts of silkolene 10/40 change my oil start it run it for a little bit and do it again. I did it about three times and I have not had any problems since I still run Silkolene but I do not ever go back to the Yamaha dealer again.

All my life, I've always tried to find the middle ground...tried to be rational and fair with my fellow man. However, integrity and ethics seem to have little value today. I certainly realize that as a single consumer, I have very little clout. All I can do is share my experience with others and refuse to buy products manufactured by producers who covertly....or even overtly...try to scam the buying public. I don't expect everyone to jump on my bandwagon and boycott these manufacturers, so I just do my little own boycott. Personally, I think it's unethical for Yamaha to correct desgin flaws on subsequent year models and leave the previous year owner out in the cold. Maybe I'm being too expectant and will end up barricading myself from the world and feeling bitter like Ted Kocinski(sp?). Every once in a while I'll win a battle with a company who didn't deliver the goods, but it's always a frustrating uphill battle.

Companies I refuse to deal with:


General Motors




plus, I have to be careful with all of the subsidiaries of each one.

YZKICKS -- send to me your fax number!!!!!!

Off-site I'm ... beamdennis@hotmail.com


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