Brother to buy a bike

My older brother (36) is finally moving here. Long awaited for the both of us. He wants to buy a bike. He tootled around with an old IT250 (aka Mad Max) is about it. He is out of shape and has never ridden trails moreless a REAL dirt bike on trails.

Does he just jump in and buy say a XR400 and start riding trails? What is the best way to start from scratch?

(God I hope he never reads this) I don't think he will have much natural talent on a bike.

1. I don't want him to get hurt.

2. I want him to be able to eventually keep up in a reasonable fashion.

3. I don't want him to get frustrated.

4. Most of all... I hope he has a blast at this new sport.


WR 250F is a tremendous trail bike. Depending on his size, with his skill level this would be a great bike.

Personally I don't like XR's. They are great for reliability, but stock that handle like dogcrap. For the money, stock vs stock, a WR would serve him better and make him a better rider.

I think you have to put money in a bike to make it run for you no matter what you buy. The XR 400 is a great trail bike with some help you can get here on TT. The WR250F is too. The WRF250 forum is real technical. It's only been out a few years and after market stuff is good. The XR after market accessories are out there, but the bike may go away soon.

Whatever he buys be sure it has good resale value, cause if he learns quickly he'll be looking for a more fun machine in time.

Don't tell him about TT for awhile, then hopefully he won't see your post. :)

I'm Forty-something and just started on a WR400. Suspension makes all difference in the world trail riding. I smoke my buddy (he rides a XR400) now, and he's been riding for 25 years.

Any trail/enduro bike over 250cc either 2 or 4 stroke would be a good starter bike.

I think a reasonably late model used KDX200 or XR250 could be had, learned on, and sold for probably the same price that was paid for it.

My younger brother can get it bigtime through the woods on a 7 year old XR250 that just has very few mods (pipe, jetting, stiffer springs).

id get a ttr-250 electric start so no hassles if he's never kick started a bike and the suspension is nice and cushy, hte seat is nice and soft also, the power is mellow yet good enough to spin the wheel, and power can be hopped up with a pipe.. good combo bike :) the wr250f is good also but its a big step with the stiff suspension high seat height and its somewhat zippyness :D :D

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