I Finally did it...Coverted my 02WR426 to Duel sport....The experience

I went with the "Quick Release Kit" from Baja Designs. From the looks of the "non" quick release kit, mine was alot easier to install.

First it cost $500 and did *NOT* require any stator mods like the decar kit featured here on thumpertalk. The kit came in 3 main pieces...that's it. Front fender with everything already assembled, front light structure with everything also alrady assembled and lastly a middle wire harness structure to connect them.

I am a mechanical newb I will freely admit. I've never bled brakes or done any kind of electrical work. This kit and its manual were pretty easy even for me. The only thing you need to provide is brake fluid, and if you have never bled your back brakes before..it's really easy. They even give you a little bleed hose.

The only problem I ran into was "finding" the stator wire that I just had to plug into. I kinda got lucky and found it up underneath the frame <where tank would sit>. I still was not sure if that was it, but it matched the description in the manuel <which is poor on this one critical point>.

Anyway, got it all hooked up...flipped the switch and....NOTHING! Doh! I went to the troubleshooting part of the manuel and it said the fuse might be blown. Well, no where in the manuel did it ever tell me to actually intall a fuse, LOL. But when I went to look at it, sure enough there is a little fuse in a plastic bag zipped to my front light assemble. Popped in the fuse and Whoooahhh! Beep Beep! Everything worked perfectly. I am putting on Bridgstone TW-301 and TW-302 tires on tues <aggressive tread by long lasting compound>. I live in TX so getting my plates is a snap.

If anyone has any questions about this quick release kit let me know. After looking at the non quick release with all that drilling and crap, I can't see why anyone would not go with this QR kit.

p.s., The worst thing about it was the wait. They said 2-3 weeks and I got my kit from Baja Designs in about 3 1/2 weeks.

I went with a "kit" on my xr600. what a waste.

this time on my 450, i just put on a brake light switch..

stuck a little mirror on the inside of the handgaurd shield.. put on a hight beam switch.. and a fisher price squeezy horn.. about $50 later, i was good to go. :)

I'm glad you had the $$ to get a DS Kit. So, why did you go with the BD kit over the TrickDualSport kit? Me...I spent the $50 and installed the basics to make it street legal.

Well the Baja Designs kit and the Dakar kit were the only 2 DS kits I knew of to be honest. As far as spending $50 to make mine street legal...not sure how you guys did that, with turn signals horn battery highbeams etc. I really like the look of this quick release kit as well. I went to that trickds kit website last night and after looking at it, I would of still went with the Baja Designs quick release kit.

1. dont need turn signals in michigan

2. horn was about 10 bucks at walmart

3. the 450 already has a battery, even tho you dont need one

4. all wr's already have the high beam bulb, just need to wire in a switch.

yep..i'd say 50 bucks about covers it. :)

Would not of worked in TX. Need turn signal, horn and your lights have to be able to stay lit 15 min after you turn the bike off. WR's won't do it stock.

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