2006 CRF230F Carb drain hose leaking

I jetted my bike yesterday with the DynoJet kit stage two(1176)and it runs absolutely great!

The problem is, fuel keeps leaking from the carb drain hose. I never noticed this before so I'm not sure if I did anything to cause it.

From what I've read it sounds like a stuck float. Any suggestions on fixing this? I was thinking about spraying carb cleaner in the fuel line and let it sit for a while and then tap the carb with the handle of a screw driver.

Wondering if I should just bite the bullet and take it to the dealer and have them rebuild it. Any suggestions?

Either you bent the float tang, causing it to be too high (check per service manual) or it is just sticking. Try gently rapping on the float bowl with a screw driver handle to see if that frees it up. Gentlle now!

Either you bent the float tang, causing it to be too high

Just curious how I could have bent the float tang. When I replaced the stock jet, the needle jet holder came out and i gently screwed it back in and then installed the new main jet. The slide and fuel needle went in smooth.

Yeah, I tried tapping with the bowl full of fuel with no luck. I was hoping the carb cleaner through the fuel line would do the trick.

hop on the bike and run it through a few bumps and jumps, if its stuck it will bounce free... if not take the bowl off and check the needle seat over the float...

Pulled off the float bowl and problem solved! Turns out when I reinstalled the needle jet holder the main jet (white plastic piece with groove) got pushed out of alignment and kind of jammed. Once reseated properly I resembled carb and no more leaking.

Jetting really made a noticeable difference in throttle response and overall smoothness. Now I have to wait for the snow to melt before taking her for a test run.

Thanks all!

Spoke too soon. Started leaking again and found the real cause. Their was a ball of varnish blocking the float valve from closing the hole. Hit it with carb cleaner and problem solved!

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