05 wr450 ais system removal

has anybody like me removed the smog on your 05-06 wr450 and thrown it in a box? i misplaced mine and can't buy a new setup. where can a person find this stuff? i need it out here in california for the enviro-nazis. any help would be appreciated.

Are you getting inspected out on the trail by Park Rangers? DMV? Are you trying to plate the bike?

just trail riding and yes, the rangers. i misplaced my ais system and would like to put one back on it. i race the bike and it's fine for competition but some riding areas are now checking for the smog equipment. if someone has info on where i could get these parts it would be cool.

I've never seen State Park rangers check emissions before. I've only seen them check for green stickers and spark arrestors. Where exactly has this happened to you? An organized event? I'm only asking about this since I have an '05 with the AIS still on the bike.

prairie city and hollister so far

Guys, do not turn this in to a WTB or trade thread. The OP just barely worded his post right. If you want to disccuss selling or trading stuff, do it via PM.

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