I am going 2-Stroke CRAZY!!!

Last Thursday night, I bought a 1986 Suzuki JR50 for my daughter's birthday. I thought that would cure me for moto purchases for a while.


Kendra and I are in Spokane, WA for the weekend, watching the Seahawks training camp. One thing that we always do when we hit the big towns is grab the classifieds and see what is on the market.

Well, she thumbs through, and I ask her if anything jumped out, she said "Maybe, but I don't know what a "JackPiner" is?." So, then came my turn, and what did I see?

1973 Penton JackPiner Six Days, 175 CC KTM engine, with extras.

Bike runs, is complete, but has some spackle kind of paint on the bars and the side panels. Going to need some work to make it showable, but I think this is a pretty cool piece of history to have. She is from Michigan, so that makes it even a little bit cooler.

Will post pics when we get it home.

I am on a freakin' 2-Smoke FRENZY!



We eagerly await pics!!


Ya gonna throw some Bling Bling on that Zing Zing :)


Sounds like a cool bike. Now explain to us why you wasted valuable riding time watching the SEAHAWKS??? :confused:In training camp no less.

P.S. Went to school in Pullman, and played hockey in Spokavegas.

You cant pass up a jackpiner.

Hey when you go to replace that JR50 get a ttr90. I just got a ttr90 for my 6 yr old son coming off the jr50. I dont know who has more fun, him or me. I love ridding that bike.

I was all excited today. I was tellin my wife that the kid finially bent the stock bars. So now "I HAVE TO" replace the top clamp and bars. Maybe tag oversize bar. Hmmm. :):D

Brandon thats awsome you found a Jackpiner to restore :):D. Whats a jackpiner? :D

Smoke :D

Dude, the Seahawks need a lot more help than your watching them in training camp. In fact they might be better off to have you suit up and some of the whining millionaires home!

A Jackpine is one of the first KTM motocycles imported into the US by Jack Penton. KTM was just making scooters in Europe in those days. Pusch? I belive. I belive they were all green. If my history is remembered corectly.

Please correct me if I missed something.

My first ride on a full sized motorcycle was in 1974 on a Penton 125.

Have a ball Brandon!


One of my friends bought a 1974 Penton 125. I hated that thing. It had absolutely no power anywhere except on top. I had a 1981 KTM250 and 1979 KTM420 at the time so I was pretty loyal to KTM.

If I bought an older enduro to restore, it would be one of the old Husky's.

Learing more and more about the Penton. I guess John Penton wanted something specifically for the Michigan Jack Pine Enduro's, so he came up with this:


Pretty sweet huh? Hope ours looks like that one day. One thing that really stands out is the fit and finish of the pieces. Usually bikes from mid 70's look rough, and don't piece together cleanly, well this bike does. All of the bolts are hex-head, so only a minimum of tools are necessary. Tanks is also held to the frame via leather strap. Pretty unique bike!

Now, about the Hawks: Those guys are gonna run rough-shod over our NFC counterparts. You heard it here first!

Here is Shawn Springs working on some punt coverage....


Ken Lucas and Bobby Engram.


Here is James Williams making the catch!


And the Red Shirts (Quarterbacks wear red so the defense knows "Hands Off!") gotta stick together! The Seahawks QB, Matt Hassleback and I!



A Jackpine is one of the first KTM motocycles imported into the US by Jack Penton. KTM was just making scooters in Europe in those days. Pusch? I belive. I belive they were all green. If my history is remembered corectly.

The PUCH (pronounced pook) had a red gas tank. My friend raced a 125. The Pentons were big on green tanks. My memory is a bit fuzzy on it, but I thought Penton also used Zundapp and Sachs engines in his bikes. He used Cerianni forks and girling rear shocks as well. They had a motocross team and were present in force at sportsman events in the Bay Area.

Burnrider, We must be really old to remember this stuff!

I'm 41, how bout you?

Found a picture of the Special Edition Jack Piner that KTM produced in 1997. WOuld not mind one of these either!


Kendra and I put ours together last night, and I will post a "Before" picture later today.

When we bought it, it was in pieces. Not too tough to put together.


Check out the leather strap that holds that gas tank on!


Fit and finish is above average for this vintage. I like the clean look of the hex-head bolts that are used.


Just got a quote on soda blasting for the frame. Going to hopefully get that done in the short term. What about the engine? Looks like it has been rattle-can painted. Would that also be a canidate for soda blasting?


How much did you pay for that? I love the old, huge finned heads. They really have a ring to them. I remember seeing some monster one's on an old Hercules.

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