top end rebuild advice please

Hello new tt member here lookin for some advice on rebuiding my top end on my 06 wr 450.For ring end gap, my top ring is in spec 2nd ring is just a little out of spec but still below maximum and my oil control ring is way out of spec. My question is do i need to replace the piston and rings as a set if there is no damage to the piston? Was also wondering if anyone could tell me what brand of gaskets to go with(or which to stay away from). Also should i even bother to put valve seals in it if my current ones don't leak, just asking because they ussually come with the top end gasket kits.

The questions you need to ask yourself are:

1. How much fun was it to tear it down this time?

2. When do I want to do it again?

3. How much do I have to spend?

Based on those responses will give you most of your answers. Personally, I never replace rings only as it's too much work and too much bad could happen if my piston fails, but only you can decide what's right. If you follow manufactures specs on a racing 2 stroke it's like 2 sets of rings for every piston. I just trail rode easy and 110% performance wasn't a huge deal so I swapped out the pistons once every other season as I only rode 6-10 times a year.

Gaskets. Most say OEM and you can't go wrong that way, but it's the most expensive. On my old XR650L I completely rebuilt the motor with a Moose Racing kit and had zero troubles, and usually used Cometic (sp?) on my 2 strokes. Again zero troubles with them, though they are slightly more expensive than Moose usually. Others say they cannot use anything other than OEM because they don't work. Your call, personally I'd use Cometic.

Valve could skip them, but the hard part is done already with the motor apart. Answer the questions above and decide. They are usually included for a reason; it'd suck to get it all together and next month see smoke at startup or hard throttle and eventually damage the piston top.


thanks buddy!

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