Exhaust Baffle

I have the GYt-r baffle in right now. THrough this forum I have heard of a couple other brands of baffles. Has anyone tried any of the other ones and done a comparison. If so please let me know the results. Thanks, Denis :)

I have the one from Baja Designs (similar to Yam GYT design) and it works super: 92db and the bike still revs out great - best of both worlds!


I had the GYRT and just got the Pro Moto Billet. I measured the cross sections of both and they seem to have the same overall outlet area. The PMB seems to work a little better for me.

Im running the Pro Circuit T-4 big difference before and after on my WR 450, the only draw back is your ears are bleeding at the end of the day! Dam thing so loud people in the next town can hear me going up a hillclimbs but its worth it :)

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