Best price on new 2002 or 2003 650R

Anyone have any recommendations on best OTD prices on 2002 or 2003 650's. I miss the BRP, and am looking to get another...Just wanted to see what the "best deals" were, as of late...


You can get them for about $5000. There are still some new '02's around. Try - numerous dealers are on there with new bikes. Used 650's with some stuff can be found for under $4000.

In Oregon the 02 are between $4400 and $4600 and the 03 are in the $4900 and $5200.


Thanks to both posts...are those "out the door" prices?...If so, where in Oregon, or what dealers, have such prices...It might be worth a trip...



I made a few calls, the 02 seem to be dried up, Taylor Honda in Woodburn Oregon quoted one of my friends $5000 for an 03. Hope this helps.


Spectrum Honda had 02's still available 2 weeks ago. Call Greg- tell him i sent ya! Lake Forest, CA.

Thanks again, Leighton and irondude...I certainly appreciate the help!



I think Escondido cycle center (escondido, ca.) or MotorPRo (oceanside, ca)has some 03's left.

What do you miss about the BRP??? I see that you have a CRF, I have thought about selling my bought new 01CR250 and bought new 01XR650 (at the same time) and getting a CRF but I like having the best of both worlds, CR for playing - although the powerband is touchy, and the 650 hauling a$$ around the dez.

Thanks XR/CRDave...Gotta say, I miss the high-speed stability. My CRF is incredible through the tight desert stuff, but I just can't keep up when it comes to high speed roads (unless I want to blow oil). I could not see parting with my CRF, as it has to be the best bike I have ever ridden...but, the long loops we ride out here in AZ (160+ miles), would prove a bit more comfortable on the BRP...again, overall, the CRF rocks, but the long range, high-speed stuff, is better suited for the XR. Also, I had a CR250 when I had my XR, then sold them both when I got the CRF. I can promise you, you won't miss the CR, if you trade for the CRF...If you have the XR and the CRF, you absolutely will have, the best of both worlds!

Not sure if you are still looking, but FYI:

I talked to my buddie Greg (sales manager) over at Spectrum Honda today- he confirmed he can still sell '02's for $4799. In a crate, ready to load into a pick up truck. Thats in Orange County, SoCal. (714) 469 5531.

Excellent, irondude...heading off to Colorado for a week, but I will try and give him a call when I return...Thanks again!


I saw a "buy now" for an '02 in Sacramento for $3K on E-Bay this morning.

I saw a "buy now" for an '02 in Sacramento for $3K on E-Bay this morning.

Thats CHEAP!!! :)

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