Flywheel & Stator 400- 426 engine please


I have put a 01 yz 426 engine into my 99 wr 400. I've read here of the troubles with mixing CDI flywheels and stators.

So my question for you is will my WR stator and flywheel fit directly onto the 426 crank?

This way I could keep my running lights. Please help, this bike is breaking my soul at this stage :thumbsup:

Some motivation for a few replies...


More to come if I get some help :thumbsup:

Nice motivation. Yes the WR parts will fit on the YZ with no problems. The WR stator will also work with the YZ CDI with a mod to the stator. Give us a call and we can walk you through the mod.

Ok I'll give you a call there, thanks. Who should I ask for? Richard McStator is it? lol


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