Help me turn my WR all Black

I am in the mood to change the look of my bike to go with all black. Can this be done by purchasing all the items? including a tank? I hate the fact of trying to paint plastic. I have a 2006 WR450 so 2005 YZ stuff will work also. What are my options? i Have searched many sites only to find some fenders, shrouds and fork guards, nothing else in Black :thumbsup:

I have some Black Acerbis plastic in brand new condition if you're interested. Front fender and radiator shrouds.

Whats wrong with paint? You can do whatever color you want.

Last year, while re-greasing the linkage and swing arm, I decided I was over the blue. It looks nice when it's new, but 5 years later.... it needed a change. So I went with a custom desert camo paint job.






I'll be damned! I kinda like it:thumbsup:

That Looks SWEEEET!!!!

Jesse, How has the paint job held up? I'm very interested in how you did this, and how well it takes abuse. Thanks. Maniac

The paint has held up well. I have only had to touch-up a few spots like the bark-busters, front fender and side panel... due to a few.... aahhhmmm, crashes.

I cleaned all the plastic and swing-arm with simple green before painting. The motor cases (didnt paint the cylinder or fuel tank) got painted as is.... just a wipe down.

For the templates, well i just tore pieces from a beer box.

It actually holds up quite well, just touch-up as needed.


Jesse, Did you use a Plastic type paint for the plastic? Does it seem to crack at all just from vibration, or only from crashes? Thanks. Maniac

I think I used Krylon Fusion, and it only scratches when I crash.


Not my cup of tea, but if you like it that's all that mattes.

As for paint holding up... it doesn't. If you mainly ride roads then it might be ok, but for dirt it scratches from hitting brush, roost, boot wear, and of course, crashing. I painted my XR200 back in the day when I was like 12 and found out that it was a big mistake in about a week when my bike was black with red specks and stripes all over it. If you don't mind touching up paint after every ride then it could stay looking decent, but that route is not for me.

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