Swingarm bearings

I've heard that Yamaha does not put enough greese in the swingarm and bearings on there bikes. Has anyone pulled there 426 apart yet and found this to be ture and should I rip mine apart before I even ride this summer?


They need the grease. Use moly or a high quality grease.


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I just got my bike back together from a total chassis teardown. I pulled all that moly solid grease out (because you can't clean them with it in) and repacked all the bearings in the bike with Mobil Synthetic grease. Make sure you do the steering head bearings too!

I actually just did mine 30 mins ago (for the 2nd time) I may be a little too meticulous but hey...I enjoy working on my bike almost as much as riding the beast! It is very easy to do, but is time consuming! And yes, they come very dry from the factory (they have a yellow wax substance that you must use a flathead screwdriver to remove) Hope this helps,



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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