Suspension setup for woods riding xr650r

HI could any one recomend a suspension dealer or supplier that could help me get my 650 fork springs etc set up for woods and my weight etc here in the east. Also any good sites or tech articles on setting sag etc. I have looked at xrs only and a few others but wanted the opinion of others as for who to deal with. Thanks for your help John

A good source of info is the website. I sent my shocks there and they did a wonderful job, very knowledgable. Check out their website, it is loaded with info on race sag and lots of other stuff.

I just checked out the website b/c I ride in the eastern part of the country in woods as well. I ran across the AirTank which bleeds the air out of the suspension in certain conditions and not in others. Something about being able to run more oil volume as well. I only saw mention to motorcross bikes but it sounds good, anyone seen the use on enduro and woods applications? Anyone use it? Just caught my eye since I haven't heard of it before.

I haven't raced or ran desert but I do hear people talking about softening and riding a more plush suspension set up? is this correct. If so this looks like it may be good for them as well because they could run softer w/out the bottoming worries. Here is a site that tells about it

This is the first I heard of it so it may have no relivance to our BRP riding!



MX Tech. See the TT home page for a link to his web page. Hes on the right coast so not too far from you. He set up Fryboys WR426 and HOLY cow it works nice!

I dont know about you boys and your pigs in the woods. Gotta have some big cahones...or long legs to hold you up in the tight turns :) I know guys around here who rip up the woods on their BRPs. Myself...Id hit the first tree I saw riding that beast. Oh well. :D

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