"Statement of Facts" -> for Light Test in CA...

Thought I'd start a new post, (thanx 'kev426') on my specific Q. I have a 2000 WR400 that Im going to street license and my specific question is;

Q. Does anyone know exactly what 'they' write down in the Statement of Facts sheet, (in California) for the light test? Do they include possible store #, name of shop, guys signature, or anything else that may be necessary for DMV to accept it? Are there necessary items, requirements that must be included on the Statement of Facts for the DMV to accept it?

I had an XR600 about 5 years ago I street lic'd, and I remember being suprised, (while getting the light test done), the guy just wrote in the 'Statement of Facts' sheet... "This bike conforms to the CA Lighting Requirments" or something like that. But I don't remember if 'they' put anything else on the form, (like the items I mentioned above).

Not that Im planning on filling it out myself :) but my time is limited this week to install my kit and I need a plate if I want to be able to ride it this next weekend at Tahoe.



Call Dale at Trickdualsport.com during the week. He stays knowledgable on that stuff.

Fourstrokesonly's web site posts alot of forms too. You might give them a call.

Good luck with the DMV!

This website has a *.pdf form and some very helpful info on the process.

Electrex DS info

Whatever is not covered here, I'm sure Dale can address. I'm pretty sure that when I did my KTM, the items specificed on my SOF form, signed by a dealer were:

1. headlight, with hi and lo beam settings

2. front and rear directional turn indicators

3. DOT tail light

4. horn

5. DOT tires

6. rear view mirror

You'll also need title and proof of insurance.

All of this stuff is your legal responsibility, not the dealers. So most dealers won't require an inspection to sign the forms. Usually the process is pretty painless, unless you get a DMV neanderthal. But even then you'll still get through, it just might take a few hours.

Thanks guys, I know that they want to see what lights are checked out, but Im looking for specifically what DMV wants to see on the light test in regards to the rest;

- Is the shop guys signature all that is required?

- Or is a 'stamp' from the shop of some kind required too?

Im sure a signature (of the shop guy) is required.

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