It Happened AGAIN!!!

We've all been there letting guys you were a lil worried bout riding your new bike!

Well my good buddy Jim "Crash" Connors who happens to be my G/F's bro and also already had crashed into my bike when it was 3wks old, causing a considerable amount of cosmetic damage!! :) ...

He has an 01 426 too and wanted to exchange bikes at SpeedWorld for some laps. I reluctantly agreed even though I had a bad feeling about the idea.

This is the same guy that after he T-Boned me, the next week he landed on some beginner rider in practice. Wadded up in practice the following week and could not race, then two weeks later tangled with ANOTHER guy in the WORKZ GP @ SpeedWorld. I think you get the idea, on why I was a lil nervous and just should have gone with my intution and said "No".

He invited one of his pilot beginner buddies and the dude decided to pull off the track at the base of the 4th gear Flyaway. Jim saw him pull off but instead of slowing down he gassed it and T-Boned him ON MY BIKE!!!! I was on the track at the time and when I looked back and no longer saw Ragdoll Conners my heart started Pattering Fast!!!

Sure enough off in the distance I could see Jimco dragging my bike off the track!!

Oh well good thing he has a lot of money cuz now I need a new front wheel (going with a 20") and some other parts..

The other guys bike came out much worse, I still need to check if the forks are bent. The only way I know of that's quick and easy is the straight edge on the lower tubes, anyone else have any ideas?


G-Man, can I ride your bike when you get it back together??????? :)

If you have a spare laser boresite set laying around, it would be a good way to check your forks.

Originally posted by Paul in AZ:

If you have a spare laser boresite set laying around, it would be a good way to check your forks.

ROFLMAO!!!! That's classic, I'll dig out the "spare laser boresight" and check it out!



I know the feeling, watched a friend wad up my 98 at SW, gotta say he was a good rider, he just misjudged the power a bit.

Will you have it fixed by this weekend?

I'm trying to make SW on Sat. and Canyon on Sun.

Gotta get some practice before the Int'l.

How 'bout you Paul? Your ankle feeling any better?

What the H is ROFLMAO?

Originally posted by Paul in AZ:

What the H is ROFLMAO?

Ahhhh yes I forgot your new to the internet... :)

ROFLMAO=Rolling on floor lasughing my ass off

LOL=Laughing out loud

IMHO=In my honest opinon

etc. blah blah blah

many more but I'm too "busy" right now! LOL

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