Broke Collar Bone today

Well crud fellow TTrs.I finally concored the double I was always scared to do and an easier double ate my lunch.

Doc says it's a clean break and will heal fine.

Any tips for do's and dont's from your experiences?

I'm 35 but feel about 19 except for now.

man, sorry to hear about your bad luck. Heal up soon! :)

Any tips for do's and dont's from your experiences?

I'm 35 but feel about 19 except for now.

STAY OFF THE TRACK :lol:Get well soon

Hey man

i broke my collar bone playin footballa few years ago. they just put me in a slinga nd some figure 8 thing to pull my shoulders back. usually it takes about a month and a half to heal. I would much rather break my collar bone than my ankle. at least u can pee standing up with a broken collar bone LOL they claim the collar bone is the most painful but i disagree. just relax and let it heal and take pain pills. mine was a clean break also and healed just fine. just relax and ice it alot


Were you wearing a chest protector? If so, what kind? If not, do you think it would have made a difference? :)

My chest protector is more like a roost deflector. Pretty light weight . Maybe a neck brace and heavier duty protector would work.

I know it is kinda late, but, I just went from a light weight roost deflector to a fox full chest protector. It was expensive, about $125. I zip tied a small roost bag to the front of the protector to keep my keys, phone, wallet and some small tools. I recently ate it pretty good with that protector on and I landed on my shoulder. The shoulder pads saved my shoulder and I am very gun ho on these full size protectors now. When you get healed up, you might want to try one. Personally, I am 42 and getting too old to take unnecessary risks anymore. Take care, and heal up soon. :)

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