20 inch wheel

Well, seeing how I need a new front wheel I decided to roll the dice and try a 20incher.

Anyone ridden a YZ with one, I'm a bit concerned cuz they don't have the longer tubes like the CR. The new DR tested one on the YZ250 and like it, but wouldn't leave it on permanent? What do they mean by that?



I used to run a 20 inch front wheel on my 1973 Suzuki 90. It would really stick in the first turn! That's the ticket to those first turns G-Man, no not the 20 incher - the Suzuki 90. :)

The ticket to the first corner is to keep the RUBBER SIDE DOWN!! Your lucky you splattered on the outside otherwise I coulda used you for traction!! :)



You're falling right into my trap G-man, just like all the rest. Sooner or later, when the time is right - you won't know what happened and I'll be looooong gone... :)

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