Utah riders- Who's riding next weekend?

:) I haven't been on a good ride for weeks. :D What are the plans for this coming weekend? Dave- are you coming down this weekend? I'm up for riding thursday, friday, saturday and sunday if there is anyone who will go with me. LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Dang Chris...sometimes I wish I were single so I could ride as much as you!

I'm going to get off work about 12:30-1:00pm so I can Friday afternoon in American fork with Dave and then we'd like to ride Hobble Creek on Saturday.

You gotta tell us how to find the parking spot and trailhead!

You guys ride all of these really cool spots...I think it would be wise for you guys to start marking the locations with a gps. If we had the coordinates, we could find the places really easy. :)

I can ride until mid-afternoon on Saturday. I take my kids to monster trucks every year at RMR and they just happen to be on that Saturday.


Suppose I might tag along on friday? I'm definitely in for the saturday ride. Now we need to get a sunday ride going.

We'd enjoy your company for the AF ride Chris!

We'll be firming up on the meeting times tomorrow. Dave will drop you guys an email.

Unfortunately, we can't make the Sunday ride.



I am coming down this weekend!! I'll be sending an email out to you guys this morning regarding meet times for the Friday AF ride. We can then further discuss whether we want to do SF trail on Saturday or the Hobble Creek trail (preferred) instead.

Unfortunately I can't make the Sunday ride. I have to make the five hour trek back to Boise that day.

Check your PM's and email for this weekends details!!

I am planning on the AM ride Friday :)

I am planning on the AM ride Friday :D

Would that be the "AF" ride? :)

I'm in for the Saturday - Hobble Creek ride. And maybe the Friday afternoon AF ride.

- Eric

So Dave... are we going to cedar fort friday morning?

My vote's in for hobble creek on saturday. Anyone riding on sunday? :)

I've got a WLAN project that I am working on and I just can't afford to take the entire day off on Friday. I am still going to get off early and I plan on AF on Friday afternoon.

You guys got my vote for Hobble Creek on Saturday!

Eveytime I ride on Sunday I get hurt or the bike breaks... :)

Here's the schedule for this weekend and the confirmed riders:

Friday, August 1st: 4pm at Tibble Fork parking lot in AF canyon. Pedman, DDialogue, N7SLC and Live to Ride are confirmed. Mr. Moto tentative (if he can find a babysitter. :D)

Saturday, August 2nd: 7am Hobble Creek (I still need directions to the parking/start area.) DDialogue, N7SLC, Live to Ride and Mr. Moto are confirmed. Pedman is tentative (if he can get another kitchen pass from the wife. :))

Did I miss anyone? If so, let us know so we can plan on you.

Live to Ride -- I may not be able to ride Friday morning because my son has a scout thing Thursday night and he's getting his Bear. So, I may be driving to SLC Friday morning instead of Thursday night. I'll let you know for sure...Five-mile pass would be fun to tear up for a few hours. Also, I can't make it on Sunday...I'm making the five hour trek back to Boise that day.


Check with Eric, he had a map for Hobble Creek that he had posted earlier. See you tomorrow. :)

I mean Friday, not sure what day it is today :)


I found the directions and photo for Hobble Creek.


ddialogue -

Riding up Hobble Creek canyon and after you pass the golf coarse, you'll run into a fork in the road, be sure to take the right-hand side of the fork. You'll continue up the canyon from there for about 8-12 minutes, the staging area is on the right hand side of the road. I'll be there in a white dodge truck with my pumpkin 2 stroke.

- Eric

MrMoto, Pedman, Live to Ride, N7SLC and anyone else who would like to go this weekend:

Just want to confirm with everyone on the times/dates for this weekends ride in SLC.

August 1st -- 4pm at Tibblefork parking lot.

August 2nd -- 7am-ish at Hobble Creek staging area (the ISH is case we get lost.)

This will be the last time I will check TT before I leave. IF there are ANY questions or concerns, email me at david@wr450.com OR call me on my cell at (208) 761-5223. I will have my cell with me all weekend.

See you guys there!!!

I am good for Tibble Fork tomorrow, but I can not make Hobble Creek, sorry. See you at 4:00pm tomorrow! :)

I'm in on Saturday - Hobble Creek, but it pains me to say this, I'm out for Friday afternoon... I found a sitter for the kids but it looks like I'm going to be stuck at the office. :) Could change, but it's unlikely.

Does anyone have directions to hobble creek? I'm pretty sure it is un utah, but beyond that I have no idea where it is. :)

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