Forging a CA "Statement of Facts" form for Light cert???

Well, there, I said it. My plan is, (since I've done the $BD$ kit before), is to do my own (cheaper) kit. But I am going on a trip to Tahoe this week, and we'll be riding on the highway etc etc... sooo I need a plate. Im knocking the idea around of "filling" out the Statement of Facts (California).

So, if I download say the Statement of Facts from Electrex site, (go to page 4);

then find a dealer and the guys name who can sign it, thearetically one could just forge his signature, and what else???

-Do I need anything else on the statement of facts sheet?

-Are there necessary items the DMV will be looking for

-Some kind of stamp from the shop?

-Or at least the name written in?

-Anyone done this?

Not like I'd really do it but... :)



Have you considered what the fine will be if caught?

for that matter consider what this does for the perception of an already bad outlook on bikes.

I would encourage you to stay in the law

I'd agree how hard could it be to call a couple shops and get one to fill it out for you.It seems it'd be harder to forge it than to get the real deal.

just me .02

i attempted this in the CA DMV and the person had no interest in looking at the statement of facts form that I had filled out. instead, they said the CHP has to fill out the light verification.

If your bike has a "3" or a "C" in the eighth digit of the vin number don't waste your time trying to forge any papers because the DMV computer will kick it out of the system because it is considered unregisterable for street license. All the statement of fact sheets I have seen have had the stamp of the dealer that signs them. Goodluck, Eric

My advice is not to forge it. The Vermont DMV told me they had to stop issuing licenses to "dirtbikes" because of guys getting caught riding with plates and no lights. Sure would hate to see the laws get worse here in CA.

Try to go by the laws, as stupid as they are.

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