Questions WR/YZ 450 wheels?

I recently bought a plated 2003 Yamaha WR450 with a Motard set-up. The bike it fitted with the complete front end and rear wheel from an '08 WR250X Motard. I also received from the seller all of the original dirt bike parts including the original odometer. Eventhough the bike in Motard trim is a lot of fun to ride, I'm a dirt biker and want re-install the original WR parts, add some new DOT tires and use the bike as Dual Sport. I have a CRF450r for serious dirt riding.

Here are my questions: Since the bike now has a Trail Tech Vapor speedometer I will not be re-installing the OEM WR odometer. Without the OEM odometer installed I'm assuming the original WR front wheel would not work because of the spacing. Would a YZ450F front wheel work instead? If yes, would it be a direct bolt in, will I need the YZ axle and spacers and what year YZ front wheels would fit? If no, I'm open to any other suggestions? Also, what would be a good Dual Sport gear set-up? Not looking to take a trip on the bike mostly around town under 55MPH and trail riding. The current Motard set-up is 14/49 and dirt setup spockets are 14/52. Thanks!

That's awesome! Would have never found that.

Hi. Would you be interested in selling your OEM Yamaha WR speedomeeter.

I drowned my bike in a river 2 years ago. - All went fine except the odo meter stopped working. Thus need a new one.

Sure why not! PM me please.

I just replaced the right side wheel bearing with a sealed on from a local bearing shop, and used a spacer fro a Honda I had lying along. The sealed bearing has held up great through 2 seasons of ice racing and mx.

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